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02/10/2014 04:21:00
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02/10/2014 00:52:51
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01/10/2014 22:32:36
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01/10/2014 13:33:07
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01/10/2014 12:52:39
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01/10/2014 10:15:48
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01/10/2014 09:54:08
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01/10/2014 07:22:37
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01/10/2014 06:28:46
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01/10/2014 05:51:35
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01/10/2014 05:49:44
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01/10/2014 05:09:13
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01/10/2014 04:20:47
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01/10/2014 03:42:42
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01/10/2014 01:45:19
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30/09/2014 23:40:30
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